1. This will appear in a slightly different format in the upcoming “medical issue” of The Lifted Brow


  2. sequentialstate:

    Everyone could use a little more “go and see” in their comics lives. We spend a lot of time wrapped up in what we’re interested in, so sometimes we miss new projects or comics. I thought I’d take a few seconds to point out some things you should have a gander at - new projects, ongoing comics,…

  3. Missy 10/7/03


  4. gingerlandcomics said: are you still at your job? do a rotary phone

    just got home. next time.  borderline physically impossible, but there’s hope

  5. Missy as a cupcake

  6. I got a bunch of David Lynch-related requests, so here’s the baby from Eraserhead.

  7. It got busy, so making slow progress on cupcake decoration requests. Keep them coming. Here’s a turtle for sleepthefuckup

  8. I ice cupcakes at my day job. Today is slow. I’m taking decoration requests.


  9. Anonymous said: whats your favorite color?

    black and white (i.e. all the colors)

  10. Missy 9/6/03

    This strip will appear in “Middle School Missy,” a mini I’m making for SPX.

    I’m also really happy to say that I’ve been nominated for an Ignatz Award in the Promising New Talent category.  Thanks for noticing me, judges! I’m honored to be on a list with so many amazing artists.