1. foxingquarterly:

    We are pleased to announce NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL OF LITERARY ARTS & CARTOONING, a very special project we’ve been working on for some time now.

    newsouthfest (follow us!) is a continuation of Foxing's mission. We plan to establish a large-scale books and comics festival for June 2015: a four-day event with two days of festival, bookended by corresponding events like an art show and concert. The festival, taking place on Saturday (6/7) and Sunday (6/8), will feature a book fair with 120-150 exhibitors and cross-disciplinary panels. New South will celebrate independent literature, alternative comics, small presses, and print culture. It will be highly curated, focused, fresh, and irreverent. 

    Please visit our Kickstarter page to learn more.

    Support us!



  2. snakeoily:


    Come buys some comic books at table J1

    Guys, Girls, Cats, and Dolls,

    Today Melissa and I will be getting the Oilymobile out of the garage with brand new struts and driving south to dirty-old Bethesda, Maryland. Once again we stress and strain and lose sleep until we are in the comfort of those Marriott pillows and blankets. What a year it is going to be at America’s own Small Press Expo

    The thing I am most proud of and excited for this year are Oily’s nominations in the 2014 Ignatz awardsDaryl Seitchik (Missy) and Nick Drnaso (The Grassy Knoll) both garnered nominations and holy moly do they deserve it. I think the Ignatz are one of the better awards given out in comics because the nominations are chosen by a panel of cartoonists and voted on by attendees of SPX during the first day of the show. It is a true festival prize and and tends to shine a light on works that don’t always get recognized for one reason or another. So here’s to Daryl and Nick. I’ll be rooting for you all the way. 

    Next up, we have a brand new comic called Daddy debuting at this year’s show. It is a black and red affair written by Josh Simmons (Habit) and James Romberger. Josh won’t be at the show but James is coming down for his first time. Look for him at our table and with the fine folks of Uncivilized Books.

    What else is happening? Oh, our own Melissa Mendes (Lou) will be womanning the Oily table with me and handing out a little sampler of her new comic she is launching on Tumblr. It is called The Weight and from what I’ve seen so far, it is next-level stuff from Melissa.

    Let’s see, Let’s see. Oh, yes. Panels! On Saturday from 3-4pm I’ll be on the Micro-Press and Beyond panel with Keenan Marshall Keller (Drippy Bone Books), Justin Skarhus and Raighne Hogan (2D Cloud), and Anne Koyama (Koyama Press). It will be moderated by my dear friend, the irreplaceable Robyn Chapman. And then on Sunday, Melissa Mendes will be discussing Stories of Girlhood with Ellen Lindner (The Black Feather Falls), Jillian Tamaki (Skim, This One Summer), and Aisha Franz (Earthling).

    Please come around to the Oily table (J1) and get some books or just say hi and meet some cartoonists. We are setting up a real signing schedule this year:

    12-1 Daryl Seitchik (Missy)
    3-4 Benjamin Urkowitz (Real Rap)
    5-6 James Romberger (Daddy)

    12-1 James Romberger (Daddy)
    3-4 Daryl Seitchik (Missy)
    5-6 Benjamin Urkowitz (Real Rap)

    For you Comixology readers, you might be interested to know that they are running an SPX sale this weekend in honor of SPX. You get something like 80 digital comics for $10! Included are a bunch of Oily titles like Joey, Luv Sucker, Nu, Bastards, Missy 2, and more!

    Oh, boy. One more thing. The folks at SPX asked Oily to draw their web banners this year. So I want to thank Billy Burkert, Ben Urkowitz, Melissa Mendes, Daryl Seitchik for helping out with that. If you go to the SPX website you can see them as you click through the site. 

    Okay. That’s all. See you in Maryland. 

    -Chuck Forsman

    P.S. Guess who’s birthday is tomorrow? 

  3. foxingquarterly:

    In case you missed it, our very good friend Daryl Seitchik has been nominated for an Ignatz Award! Her mini comic, Missy (available from Oily), was nominated for the Promising New Talent category. If you’re heading to SPX this weekend, please consider voting!

    Visit us at TABLE J8. I’ll have (among other stuff) Daryl’s 477 Bright Circle, a mini we debuted at Linework NW.

    We can’t wait!

    me either!


  4. Anonymous said: hey can't make it to spx but i was wondering if you're going to have sub or 477 bright circle available online anywhere?

    Hey, you can read all of Sub right here. You can also order a very special print version though my etsy shop.  I watercolored all the covers!

    477 bright circle isn’t online yet, but I want to make that happen very soon.  

  5. Here’s my obligatory SPX post!

    First off, I just printed a new mini: Middle School Missy.  16 pages, black and white with a little bit of red.  $3. 

    I’ll have copies of Sub, Missy 1 and 2, and 477 bright circle as well.

    Find me at Table N7 with Sam Alden. I’ll also be signing copies of 477 bright circle at the Foxing Quarterly table (J8) at random times throughout the weekend and at the Oily Comics table (J1) from 12 -1 pm on Saturday and 3-4 pm on Sunday, signing copies of Missy 1 & 2. 

    And I feel very honored to be nominated for an Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent. You can vote at the show!  Hopefully, I’ll see you there. 

  6. katieparrishtime:

    i put together a comix poster insert for the latest issue of TLB 


    Anuj Shrestha 

    daryl seitchik


    Sophie Yanow

    and marc pearson drew the header

  8. This will appear in a slightly different format in the upcoming “medical issue” of The Lifted Brow


  9. sequentialstate:

    Everyone could use a little more “go and see” in their comics lives. We spend a lot of time wrapped up in what we’re interested in, so sometimes we miss new projects or comics. I thought I’d take a few seconds to point out some things you should have a gander at - new projects, ongoing comics,…

  10. Missy 10/7/03