1. Missy 7/18/10

  2. I drew this about a year ago for Quarter Moon 2, published by Locust Moon press. 

  3. drawing # 385742985 of the empty lot across from my house

  4. missy is back and will update whenever

  5. spx:

    Bumping this back up top for the daytime crew!


    Was I really supposed to show you these swank SPX 2014 banners from Chuck Forsman the amazing gang at snakeoily?  

    Probably not because if you look closely they spill some secrets.  

    But hey, we’re all family here so DEAL WITH IT.


    I drew the 4th one down!

  6. part of ‘color war,’ a six page story i drew for the subcultures anthology coming out from ninth art press in september.  

  7. cover for missy 2

    36 pages    

    you can pre-order it as part of the oily summer bundle here!


  8. Anonymous said: Will you be at SPX again this year? And will you have copies of MISSY 2?

    I didn’t win the lottery but I think my friend is letting me table with him. I’ll bring Missy 2 and hopefully something newer. 

  9. terribly drawn 2011

  10. missy 2