1. darylseitchik:


    another strip appearing in the upcoming “revenge” issue of quarter moon, published by locust moon press. 

  2. kevin-budnik:

    #Inktober Day 13

    The original panel for today’s #inktober is by Daryl Seitchik, from her story “Color War” appearing in Subcultures, A Comics Anthology.

    This is a fantastic comic, and like much of Daryl’s work (Her series ‘Missy’ is currently available from Oily Comics) it captures how creepy and tribal it is to be a kid.

    Once again I was really drawn to a symmetrical image - and I think I wanted to give myself a break and try memorizing something with really recognizable structure. One great thing about Daryl’s drawings is how full they feel for how few lines she uses.

    In fact, in my reproduction I notice I took the ease of line for granted. The grass forms more of a pattern (In the original) and the treeline has much more implied detail.

    Read more comics! : http://darylseitchik.com/

    hey this is cool. thanks kevin!

  3. an illustration i made over a year ago for an article in BKLYNR on the sad state of brooklyn libraries.

  4. this is one of three strips i made for the upcoming “revenge” issue of quarter moon, published by locust moon press.  I think it’s coming out this winter. 


  5. a short and sweet review of “middle school missy” is up on just indie comics.

    unfortunately, i’m completely sold out of copies.  may print more for the next convention i go to (whenever that is).   you can read most of it online, anyway. 

  6. I like to include little ink drawings with comics orders, so much so that I’ve decided to make them a product. For $5 I will mail you one on a 4” x 5.5” sheet of sketchbook paper. 

    The drawing will be a) whatever I feel like or b) based on your one word request. For example: “dinosaur” “red” “whatever.” 

    The drawings above all have “me” in them, because they came with orders for semi-autobiographical comics. I may not be in your drawing.


  7. Missy 2 is now available in digital form on Comixology!

    This version is cheaper, but the ending has more punch in print. 

    Also worth clarifying: the main character in the strip is “Daryl.” “Missy” is the name of her diary.  

  8. Just added 477 bright circle and Middle School Missy to my Etsy shopThese are the last available print copies in the whole world (for now)! Each shipment comes with a sketchbook drawing of whatever you want.


  9. buntoo said: hello. i bought your missy books at spx and they're the greatest. would it be alright to make fanart?

    cool, thank you!  yes, i welcome fanart!  

  10. foxingquarterly:

    We are pleased to announce NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL OF LITERARY ARTS & CARTOONING, a very special project we’ve been working on for some time now.

    newsouthfest (follow us!) is a continuation of Foxing's mission. We plan to establish a large-scale books and comics festival for June 2015: a four-day event with two days of festival, bookended by corresponding events like an art show and concert. The festival, taking place on Saturday (6/7) and Sunday (6/8), will feature a book fair with 120-150 exhibitors and cross-disciplinary panels. New South will celebrate independent literature, alternative comics, small presses, and print culture. It will be highly curated, focused, fresh, and irreverent. 

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