2. I have a one page comic in the latest issue of the app version of The Lifted Brow!

  3. foxingquarterly:

    Portland friends!

    Join us this Saturday at Linework NW!

    We’re very excited to be debuting Daryl Seitchik's new mini(?).


    We’ll have a very limited number of prints by Lale Westvind and Dash Shaw. This will be the first time Dash’s print will be available for Print Series non subscribers. 


    We hope to see you there!


  4. fire escape

  5. koyamapress:

    Daryl Seitchik made Kickass Annie cookies!


  6. home

  7. This is the first page of Missy #2, which will be out from Oily Comics sometime this summer. If all goes well it will be about double the length of the first one! I want to put all my energy into this issue, so I’m going to take a break from posting Missy strips online for the next two months. I won’t completely disappear, though.

  8. new sketchbook

  9. day job art

  10. Here’s the cover of my sort-of-mini comic coming out from Foxing Quarterly this spring.